Exorcising the homosexual demon

Here’s a two-minute segment from Fox News of America, about what appears to be an exorcism.

What you’re seeing here is a video of a video.The original Youtube video (about 20 minutes, it is said) was said to have been uploaded by the church itself – Manifested Glory Ministries in Bridgeport, Connecticut – and which believes that a person is homosexual because a homosexual demon has possessed him. Thus the need for an exorcism.

Fox News picked up the story, and what you’re seeing is the two-minute Youtube copy of Fox News.

3 Responses to “Exorcising the homosexual demon”

  1. 1 Lee Chee Wai 27 June 2009 at 05:56

    yeah-up … lots of nut cases here …

    Still, in my 10 years here, no random stranger has come up to me asking to be my “friend” yet. I wonder if it is still a common occurrence at NUS …

  2. 2 Mouth of the Beast 1 July 2009 at 02:27

    I’ve heard of some Christians in Singapore demonising gays and anyone who supports them as “the mouth of the beast” (i.e. the devil speaking), but this is LITERALLY demonising a young gay person!

  3. 3 Benedict 23 July 2009 at 10:00

    They should get rid of the protestant heretics before getting rid of the gays. They’re the ones going to hell first.

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