Bill Clinton changes his position on gay marriage

There’s a teaser video from CNN, but I don’t know how to embed CNN videos into WordPress.  You can watch it on  Towleroad where I got this transcript:

Anderson Cooper: You said you recently changed your mind on same-sex marriage. I’m wondering what you mean by that. Do you now believe that gay people should have full rights to civil marriage nationwide?

Clinton: I do. I think that, well let me get back to the last point, the last word. I believe historically, for two hundred and something years, marriage has been a question left to the states and the religious institutions. I still think that’s where it belongs. That is, I was against the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage nationwide, and I still think that the American people should be able to play this side in debates.

But me, Bill Clinton personally, I changed my position. I am no longer opposed to that. I think if people want to make commitments that last a lifetime, they ought to be able to do it. I have long favored the right of gay couples to adopt children.

Anderson Cooper: What made you change your mind? Was there one thing?

Clinton: I think, what made me change my mind, I looked up and said look at all of this stuff you’re for. I’ve always believed that—I’ve never supported all the moves of a few years ago to ban gay couples from adoption. Because they’re all these kids out there looking for a home. And the standard on all adoption cases is, what is the best interest of the child? And there are plenty of cases where the best interest of the child is to let the gay couple take them and give them a loving home. So I said, you know, I realized that I was over 60 years old, I grew up at a different time, and I was hung up about the word. I had all these gay friends, I had all these gay couple friends, and I was hung up about it. And I decided I was wrong.

That our society has an interest in coherence and strength and commitment and mutually reinforcing loyalties, then if gay couples want to call their union marriage and a state agrees, and several have now, or a religious body will sanction it, and I don’t think a state should be able to stop a religious body from saying it, I don’t think the rest of us should get in the way of it.

I think it’s a good thing not a bad thing. And I just realized that, I was, probably for, maybe just because of my age and the way I’ve grown up, I was wrong about that. I just had too many gay friends. I saw their relationships. I just decided I couldn’t, I had an untenable position.

4 Responses to “Bill Clinton changes his position on gay marriage”

  1. 1 sloo 28 September 2009 at 23:54

    Wonderful! Change is coming. Te Lees and Thios have to realise it before we end being the most backward and ignorant irst World nation in the world!

  2. 2 Lee Chee Wai 30 September 2009 at 08:21

    Good to hear that from Clinton. I do not recall if Dick Cheney made any similar statement. His daughter is openly lesbian (and still republican I think) but I do not know if Cheney will openly support marriage for her benefit in the face of political and right-wing religious opposition.

  3. 3 Lee Chee Wai 30 September 2009 at 08:23

    I found the answer to my own question. Apparently he announced his stand just a few days ago!

  4. 4 FYI 25 October 2009 at 11:04

    Bill Clinton is a master politician.
    Hillary, now Secretary of State may run for the 2012 Presidential elections. Obama’s approval ratings are way down, and the DNC may well select Hillary as their next candidate.
    It’s all about the votes.
    I personally think the Democrats have blown it, with all of their bailouts to Wall Street, and Obama’s team of financial advisors are ‘left-overs’ from Bush’s days. Tim Geithner is one.
    I think the Republicans will win the next election.

    It’s all about the votes…….

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