What we don’t read about casinos and Rwanda

Every so often, I come across articles in our mainstream media that strike me as way too positive. Recent ones include a story about Singapore’s involvement in Rwanda, and the progress of the Marina Sands casino project. The latter sounded so unreal, I rushed down to Marina Bay to take a photo. Full essay.

1 Response to “What we don’t read about casinos and Rwanda”

  1. 1 radlife66 29 December 2009 at 15:55

    China don’t even need to rise! Just the thought of China rising one day is enough for all the despots and dictators of the world to throw off their “democratic mask” and reveal their true self!

    This is why i’m so concern about China rising. You know, China can rise for all i care, prosperity and all… if on the way they don’t bring these despots along.

    With China, they (dictators) don’t have to kowtow to western “democracy” and still get to prosper. Oh they wish.


    China knows.

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