Say this to our nanny state: “I’m old enough”

The signature-gathering phase will close end July. If you have not yet done so, please read and add your support to Arts Engage’s position paper on censorship:

Some people think that “arts” have nothing to do with them; it’s all an elitist preoccupation. This is not so. The position paper talks about all avenues of expression including cinema, one of the key popular media of our times. Artists may be at the cutting edge of expressing, particularly on seldom-heard issues, but the space they win is space for all citizens to enjoy.

2 Responses to “Say this to our nanny state: “I’m old enough””

  1. 1 Beast 26 July 2010 at 18:55

    I may be a Beast, but I enjoy art in the form of Satire: Bill Hicks, Lenny Bruce and other satirists who poked fun at politics when they were alive.

    Of course, I do consider porn (the particularly well made ones) art, particularly the film “Malena” starring Monica Bellucci. Some may disagree with me, but there again, one man’s honey, another man’s poison.

    In censoring art, the government is censoring the freedom of expression. It inhibits free speech and exchange of ideas, and really, no mature nation needs censorship in its books.

    For Singapore to practice this type of archaic policy is quite silly: The internet serves as a medium to over write these childish censorship rules, and really, why the need to censor the word “fuck” and replace it with “f*ck” when virtually everyone with a decent vocabulary (indeed, even the most uneducated buffoons can mouth it) understands it?

  2. 2 A Singaporean historian 27 July 2010 at 10:09

    How come got no Indian in the video, so un-PC! LOL. And olso, what ‘artist are at the CUTTING edge of expression’? You think you are doing a doublespeak? LOL. So hard to please everyone, hor. LOL

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