State ancestor worship to be enforced


The above is not a likeness of Lee Kwan Eeww.



Here’s a thought experiment:

Say there is a Lee family in Malaysia which greatly admires this personage whose name Thou shalt not take in vain. They name their newborn child after the august personage. But the child grows up to be rather wayward, and one day he comes into Singapore and commits a grisly murder. How, I wonder, would the ever-respectful Straits Times report about the crime when that name, by law, must at each uttering be “accorded dignity and respect”?

P.S. regarding the proposal to erect a Founders’ Memorial somewhere downtown, I think it is a great idea. The day we get to celebrate liberty and true democracy, we will have something to topple, kick and demolish.



2 Responses to “State ancestor worship to be enforced”

  1. 1 You slut! 28 March 2016 at 08:55

    When he was alive there were defamation laws. Now that he is dead the law has to cover that too. Simple as that.
    Nelson Mandela and Gandhi never used defamation laws on anyone so you don’t see the same laws created for them.

  2. 2 You slut! 28 March 2016 at 08:57

    BTW I did not mean to compare LKY to Nelson Mandela or Gandhi. Obviously not in the same class.

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